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The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day in the Life of PurseBlog is New York Story

Coach has always been a quintessentially New York brand, with both its historical roots and current business operation on the island of Manhattan, and for Fall 2013,
Valentino Shoes for Women, Coach’s association with the city is only getting closer. Not only is the brand launching the celeb-beloved, much-anticipated Coach Borough Bag, but to celebrate the line’s launch, the company has been following the #CoachNewYorkStories of city residents like Karlie Kloss and Will Chalker.

Coach gave us the opportunity to illustrate some of the most important parts of the PurseBlog team’s lives in New York with the beautiful Borough Bags, and we just couldn’t resist the opportunity. Also,
Valentino Shoes Outlet, if you’ve been waiting for Coach’s next-big-thing Borough Bags with baited breath, your wait is over: they’ve arrived for your shopping pleasure at

Most of our days start with the subway, but sometimes, you just have to hail a cab and let someone drive you to the office.

The Coach Borough Bag in Polished Calfskin $598 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino,198 via Coach

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag in Polished Calfskin $598 via Coach

Midtown Manhattan is so energetic and overwhelming that our clothes, bags and accessories feel like chic body armor sometimes.

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

Inside the office, it’s important to take a little bit of time to play games.

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

What a lot of visitors to New York City might not realize is that right outside of town,
Valentino Handbags for Women, New York has a bounty of natural beauty to offer.

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard, $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Large Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $798 via Coach

Yes, there’s even a pumpkin patch or two, perfect for celebrating a beautiful fall weekend.

The Coach Large Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $798 via Coach

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See what it takes to stitch through Hermes leather

Anyone who’s ever tried to push a needle through any kind of durable material knows that doing it in an orderly, aesthetically pleasing way is nearly impossible, which just makes the amount of handwork that goes into some of Hermes’ leather goods all the more impressive.

Although mechanized manufacturing has taken on an increased role in Hermes production over the years,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, the brand still does more hand-stitching than any other major brand on the luxury mass market, and this official video of an Hermes craftsman hand-stitching part of a saddle shows just how much care goes into the brand’s leather goods. I certainly wouldn’t want to sit and do that all day, would you?

Also, if you haven’t checked out the official Hermes YouTube page, I highly recommend it. The videos vary from advertisements to behind-the-scenes manufacturing clips,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, and they’re all a fascinating look into one of fashion’s most secretive brands.

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Spring 2010 Handbag Trend: Denim

There are multiple trends we will be seeing in Spring 2010 Handbags and we plan to give you a glimpse at many of them. Last we told you about perforated leather bags making a huge comeback,
Valentino Shoes for Women, and now it is time for denim to make a statement.

Denim is entirely ordinary when it comes to jeans, but is not widely used when it comes to bags and shoes. For Spring 2010 expect handbags and shoes that are either made of denim or the color blue will be directly reminiscent of denim.

The best of the bunch is Lanvin. Lanvin continues to wow us with their elegant lady-like designs. Mix the sophisticated chic feel of the Lanvin Denim Amalia Shoulder Bag with the downtown cool vibe of the Lanvin Denim Sneakers and we have a winning pair.

While Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and Botkier actually implement denim on their designs, other designers are sticking in the denim blue color family. These are safer,
Red Valentino Shoes, less trendy options that will not go out of style.

Below are our picks for the denim trend, all available at Bergdorf Goodman:

Lanvin Denim Sneakers | $530

Valentino Denim Petal Hobo | $1195

Miu Miu Denim Pocket Tote | $1150

Alexander McQueen Cutout Zip Pump | $795

Lanvin Denim Amalia Shoulder bag | $1675

Prada Crackle Leather NS Tote | $1695

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Martini Jeweled Clutch | $1295

Prada Tessuto + Calf Tote | $950

Botkier Trigger Moto Convertible Bag,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, Washed Denim | $295

Valentino Denim 360 Hobo | $895

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Versace Venita Bow Satchel

Oh my! Very rarely do I start of talking about the price of a handbag,
Valentino Shoes Replica, but in this case, I have to. I cannot believe this handbag is over $4,000! I know, I know, it is Versace and perhaps I should be used to these kind of price tag,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, but still, c’mon now. Ok, let me talk about the handbag a bit. The Versace Venita Bow Satchel is a new piece from the spring 2009 line. Wide swaths of gorgeous pink leather topped with some trapunto stitching definitely work well together. Now add a logo-topped bow and double handles and the entire bag comes together. I like the overall soft,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, whimsical and feminine look of this handbag. This is definitely a handbag that you don’t see often. Although a quick glance might lead you to think the bag is a tad messy, I think it works. If I could talk to the folks over at Versace I would definitely be curious to know where the inspiration came from. What a fun and flirty handbag to sport this Spring, now if I could just collect all the pennies from all the couches across America I might be in luck. Pre-order through Nordstrom for $4395.

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2.11.09 IN

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Prada Nylon: Do you buy it,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes?

I remember a time when everyone wanted a little Prada backpack. I was in my senior year of high school,
Valentino Red Women Shoes, and girls in my affluent suburb were just starting to figure out the concept of accessories as status symbols. It was the early 2000s,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, so we couldn’t have picked a better time to start lusting after logo bags. I was the first of my friends to embrace the trend (how fitting) with a Prada Nylon Messenger Bag, which I received as a graduation present from my cousin Deb.

I’m no longer in high school, so it’s impossible to say if the seniors of 2010 want the same types of things that my class did, but Prada still continues to make the nylon bags that they’ve produced since 1985. The company is mum on how well they bags are selling compared to the style’s heyday, but we wanted to do a little survey of our own:

Loading …

From left: Prada Nylon Pocket Tote, $550 via Saks; Prada Vela Backpack,
Valentino Shoes Outlet, $710 via Saks; Prada Vela Messenger Bag, $550 via Saks.

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Valentino Glam Tote

I am in love. Valentino continues to make me a happy handbag fan. Yes, in the past,
Valentino Shoes Replica, I’ve snubbed Valentino and thought that some bags were less than impressive. Today is not that kind of day. I am highly impressed with this Valentino Glam Tote. In fact, if I had some cash saved up, I would have bought it on the spot.

Before I get started, I must say, I really wish that Bergdorf Goodman would have larger images of products they carry available. However, luckily, they do have a zoom function. This zoom function has allowed me to fall in love with this bag. If it wasn’t for that function, I probably would have passed the bag by. But instead, I was able to look at the bag a bit closer and completely admire the exquisite and intricate bead work.

This tote is comprised of nude napa leather and has double top handles. With the tote being as large as it is, I do wonder if slightly larger handles would do the bag a bit more justice, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. I wasn’t really interested in the drawstring sides, but I can let that go too. See, this bag, it is just downright gorgeous. The stripes of mini-studs and crystals intertwine splendidly. And since some of the studs and crystals happen to be on the two-layer ruffles along the front of the bag, there is a bit of movement. I can picture myself carrying this bag as I walk through a restaurant and the the light being reflected off of the studs and crystals amazing. It typical Valentino fashion, this bag doesn’t come cheap, but like I said earlier,
Valentino Shoes for Women, if I had money saved up, this bag would be mine! Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $2690.

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Prada Glace Zippers Tote

Hot from the fall runway collection, this Prada bag is edgy and trendy to boot. The idea behind some of the fall bags for Prada is to add extra zippers,
Discount Valentino Handbags, stud detailing, faded leather,
Buy Cheap Valentino Replica Bags, which gives off a bold modern vibe. The Prada Glace Zippers Tote is available in either ardresio/talco (brown/tan) or black leather with tonal topstitching. The focal point are the zippers that run down the entire side of the bag. There are top handles and a removable shoulder strap. When I first saw this bag on the Neiman Marcus website I thought it was drab. But the picture shown above was taken by Neiman Marcus and really showcases the bag much better. Dimensions are 12 1/5″H x 13 2/5″W x 5 1/2″D. Buy via Saks Fifth Ave for $1490.

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The Bags of Celine Spring 2014

First, as with all posts covering Celine handbags lookbooks, a caveat: the brand refers to the season that most of fashion calls "resort" as "spring" and the season that most of fashion calls "spring" as "summer. So, what you see here are technically Celine Spring 2014 Handbags, but they’re from the brand’s resort collection,
Discount Valentino Handbags, in the larger scheme of things. (Meaning that they’ll be available sooner, so – yay.) If you’ve been a Celine fan or handbag lover in general for the past few seasons, you probably know what to expect.

The collection includes tons of Celine’s hits in new color combinations and leathers,
Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, including new Luggage Totes, Trapeze Bags and Cabas Totes of both the bicolored and zipper-gusseted varieties. Also available are new versions of what Celine is calling the Celine Tie Tote, which was new for Winter 2013 and plays on the wide-gusseted structure of the Luggage Tote,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, but with (you guessed it) a knotted handle attachment. For winter, the bags where shown with their top flap closures exposed, but in these product images,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, they’re tucked in. The bag is much, much more attractive for that styling decision – what looked so overwrought last time we discussed it now looks substantially more refined.











Slide 11 / 36

Slide 12 / 36

Slide 13 / 36

Slide 14 / 36

Slide 15 / 36

Slide 16 / 36

Slide 17 / 36

Slide 18 / 36

Slide 19 / 36

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Slide 21 / 36

Slide 22 / 36

Slide 23 / 36

Slide 24 / 36

Slide 25 / 36

Slide 26 / 36

Slide 27 / 36

Slide 28 / 36

Slide 29 / 36

Slide 30 / 36

Slide 31 / 36

Slide 32 / 36

Slide 33 / 36

Slide 34 / 36

Slide 35 / 36

Slide 36 / 36

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Violette Nozieres Banana Adele

It’s time for Viewer’s Choice Mundays! While Megs is a little inhibited (taken that her wireless internet connection went down the drain last night), I’ll be plugging the VCM delight in a trimmed down version (I am not sure about the submissions she got via email). Time to go B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Behind the odd name Violette Nozieres Banana Adele hides a bag that does not need to hide. Our reader chemlex recently found herself indulged in Violette Nozieres handbags and decided to share the love with us. While I don’t know a thing about Violette Nozieres,
Valentino Red Women Shoes, fact remains that they make day into evening bags that allow one to carry enough neccessities during the day, but still look glamorous during the night time. How much I love flexibility and versatility. This particular bag is an east/west satchel handbag made of vacchetta leather with Italian crackle metallic lambskin trim. It sports dual shoulder straps and an antique brass chain and hardware, whose bead and stone decor consists of natural amethysts, citrines,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, new jade,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, agate, riverstones, amazonites and dyed shells. Fancy! The bag measures 17 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep x 7 3/4″ high and is now on sale (60% down!) for just under two hundred bucks. More information over at Zappos!

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PurseBlog Exclusive: Net-A-Porter to carry Loewe Bags

When our friends at Net-A-Porter reached out to see if we loved Loewe bags as much as they do, I nearly jumped on my chair,
Valentino Handbags for Women, Tom Cruise-style, to yell out "YES!" Loewe is a brand I’ve always loved even though it’s tricky to track down in the US, but that will all change. One of our favorite e-tailers will be carrying the coveted Spanish brand and I’m thrilled.

Starting today,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, Loewe bags will be available on Net-A-Porter. Including the highly sought-after Amazona and Flamenco,
Valentino Red Women Shoes, Loewe is a perfect fit on Net-A-Porter. The team decided to add the luxury brand to its site, and and they rave about the color and butter-soft quality of the leather goods. All I can say is, thank you Net-A-Porter for adding a lust-worthy brand to your designer list. Shop Loewe on Net-A-Porter now!






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